ASSISTANT EDITing for Scripted Television

Taught by Ralph Jean-Pierre, the Assistant Editing for Scripted Television class serves to give a solid base understanding of assisting for scripted television series. Beginner to intermediate assistant editors will learn the the workflows of editorial including: paperwork, dailies, temp sound and music, basic VFX editing, and more!

Sunday October 20th, 9am-4pm PST (one hour lunch break at 12pm)

$349.99 in person, $324.99 via webinar

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  • Setting up editorial

    • Hardware requirements

    • Dailies requirements

    • Software Needs

  • Establishing communication with other departments

  • Testing workflows

  • Establish Editor’s Preferences



  • Daily Edit Logs

  • Progress Report

  • Lined Script

  • Facing Pages

  • Call Sheets

  • Continuity

  • Camera Reports

  • Sound Reports

  • Transfer Reports

  • VFX Reports



  • Dailies

    • Checking Edit Logs

    • Double checking Metadata

    • Marking Clips

    • Grouping and bin layouts

    • Manual Scripting

    • Building Notebooks

  • Temp Sound Design

  • Temp Music Editing

  • Tracking & Recording Temp ADR

  • Tracking VFX & VFX Basics

  • Exporting Cuts



  • Online

  • Turnovers

  • Reconforms

  • Wrapping



  • You must have a laptop or desktop computer for this class with Avid Media Composer 8.8 or later installed. As long as it hasn’t expired, a trial version of Avid is fine. 8GB of system memory and Windows 7/OS X 10.10 or later are required to run Media Composer 8.8. Computer rentals are available for as little $60/week from Hi-Tech Computer Rental in Burbank. Let us know if you have any questions about system compatibility.

  • A basic understanding of the Avid interface is required for this class.

  • Both webinar and in-person tickets give access to the class once it ends with a week of playback on YouTube. Real-time viewing is not required if you’d prefer to watch the class once it’s available on Youtube.


Ralph Jean-Pierre has worked as an editor and assistant editor in digital media, scripted television and film productions for about 6 years. He has worked on projects such as Comedy Central’s Workaholics, CBS’s CSI: Cyber, and Netflix’s Lost in Space. Currently, he is assisting on his first animated feature film for Warner Animation Group. Having worked on multiple formats and projects, Ralph understands the importance and value of the role that an assistant plays in helping to shape and tell a story. He hopes to share that knowledge and prepare future assistants with the tools necessary to be strong assets on their future projects.