Premiere Pro for Features and Commercials

Taught by Matt Latham, the Premiere Pro for Features and Commercials class is for those who are interested in making the most of Premiere for use on feature films, short films, and commercials. This class will show you how to customize the editorial experience, organize projects, handle all kinds of footage, create polished effects and instantly integrate the power of the rest of the Adobe suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, etc.) via Dynamic Linking.

9am-4pm PST (one hour lunch break at 12pm)

$150 in person, $100 via webinar


  • User settings, exporting/importing settings, keyboard shortcut

  • How to customize workspaces (including the popular “pancake editing” method)

  • Monitor output

  • Overlay information, and how to display metadata



  • Importing media vs ingesting media

  • Traditional offline/online vs Adobe's “one-click” Proxy Workflow

  • Customizing metadata

  • Master Clip Settings and Effects (LUTs and more)



  • Syncing camera to external audio with Multicam Source Sequence

  • Merge Clips: what they are for and why you absolutely should not use them

  • Creating multi-cam clips

  • Organizing Clips



  • Interpreting Footage, Working With Different Frame Rates and Codecs

  • Adjusting Playback Quality, Sequence Settings, and how that affects playback

  • Dynamic Linking with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition

  • Customizing Effects, Creating and Importing/Exporting Presets

  • Team Projects

  • Opacity Masking (equivalent to Avid's Animatte) and Blend Modes



  • Exporting Media and Working with Adobe Media Encoder

  • Prepping for Turnover to other programs (e.g. Pro Tools and Resolve

  • Exporting OMF, AAF, XML, EDL


NOTE: You must have a laptop or desktop for this class. A system with Adobe Premiere Pro 2017.1 or later is preferred. As long as it hasn’t expired, a trial version of Premiere is fine. 8GB of system memory and Windows 7/OS X 10.11 or later are required to run Premiere Pro 2017.1.

Computer rentals are available for as little $60/week from Hi-Tech Computer Rental in Burbank.

Let us know if you have any questions about system compatibility.


Matt Latham has been working in Adobe Premiere for over a decade, working as an editor and as an assistant on features, shorts, event videos, and commercials. Matt has won two Lone Star Emmys for his commercial work, and has edited independent feature films that have played at prominent film festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival and FrightFest. He is an Executive Committee Member of the Blue Collar Post Collective, a non-profit organization supporting emerging talent in post production.