Creating DCPs for feature delivery

Taught by online editors Mesgen Gebremeskel and Joe Delgado, this class is for those interested in learning how to create their own DCPs for feature delivery. The class will cover two methods for creating DCPs, one using free, open source software, and the other using the paid EasyDCP plugin in DaVinci Resolve.

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A brief introduction to the world of creating a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for theatrical distribution. Learn the basic components that make up a DCP file and the surprisingly straightforward process of creating a DCP that will save you from spending thousands of dollars to get your film into a theater.



- Importing a tiff sequence 

- Choosing color space options 

- Selecting metadata options for dcp file

- Rewrapping tiff sequence as a JPEG2000 mxf 

- Importing 5.1 audio and rendering out with JPEG2000 sequence



- Importing final QT, DPX, EXR, or TIFF sequence. 

- Selecting the correct timeline color space options

- Setting up correct project raster dimensions 

- Modifying audio settings to render out the 5.1 mix correctly

- Rendering out using the “easyDCP” setting 

- Spot checking dcp file after creation


DCP Transfer

- Checking the dcp file for any sort of corruption

- Formatting a hard drive to Linux EXT2

- Copying dcp to hard drive and validating file after copy is finished


NOTE: A system with Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12.5 (free) or later is required.

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Let us know if you have any questions about system compatibility.


Mesgen Gebremeskel

Mesgen began his career as an online assistant with credits including the MTV VMAs, MTV Movie Awards and many BET award shows. Working primarily at a reality post house, Mesgen made his move into scripted online when he joined Level 3 Post in Burbank in 2016. As a night editor at Level 3, Mesgen not only helps to assemble shows and prepare locked cuts for colorists, he also creates visual effects for shows like Bull (CBS) Lucifer (FOX), The Goldbergs (ABC), The Flash (CW), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW), and Kevin Can Wait (CBS). Mesgen has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with people who were more than willing to help him get started in post production and understand the many complex workflows involved in online editing. With the confidence and knowledge that he has gained, Mesgen wants to share his knowledge with others and help them understand that confidence, a thirst for knowledge and willingness to take a chance is all that you need to succeed.

Joe Delgado

Starting with building one computer out of many broken ones, and having deep curiosity of how films are made ultimately paved Joe's journey into post production. Joe's current role in the post production industry involves online editing, coloring, visual effects and developing workflows for numerous features, television series & specials including but not limited to; Notorious BIG Documentary (A&E), Carpool Karaoke (Apple Music), various BET Shows, MTV Video Music/Movie Awards, Netflix (Real Rob, Def Comedy Jam Special 25, various stands ups), & many others. He is currently employed at Geiger Post, an online post production facility in Hollywood. With the ever growing challenges of incorporating new technologies into the television ecosystem with formats such as, 4K, 8K, HDR and many others, Joe is known for his ability to seamlessly incorporate these new technologies into existing workflows. Having to deal with extremely tight turnarounds he develops ways to speed up processes all while maintaining correct outcomes, rendering satisfaction to companies involved. Joe's experience at his facility has allowed him to develop strong relationships and gain creative ways to troubleshoot all kinds of situations. He's open minded and believes that anyone can learn as long as they are passionate!