ASSISTANT EDITING FOR REALITY TELEVISiON, Part 2 - Stacking, syncing and multi-grouping

Taught by Noah Chamow & Conor Burke, the Assistant Editing for Reality Television course is for those interested in working in reality television and covers what is most important for a new/learning assistant editor including syncing, stacking and multi-grouping.

Please note that participation in part 1 of the class is not required to take part 2.

$149.99 in person, $124.99 via webinar

Prepping your media

  • What to do when media doesn’t have timecode

  • Dealing with iPhone footage

  • The problem with importing audio in an SD project

  • How to deal with mixed frame rates

Creating a day stack

  • What to do when timecode crosses midnight

  • Creating sub stacks

Syncing multiple cameras and external audio

  • Creating markers for sync points


  • Understanding multi-groups

  • The sub clipping process

  • Creating a multi-group

  • Automating the process

  • Troubleshooting multi-groups

  • Multi-grouping in Media Composer 2018.12

NOTE: You must have a laptop or desktop for this class with Avid Media Composer 8.8 or later installed. As long as it hasn’t expired, a trial version of Avid is fine. 8GB of system memory and Windows 7/OS X 10.10 or later are required to run Media Composer 8.8.

Computer rentals are available for as little $60/week from Hi-Tech Computer Rental in Burbank.

Let us know if you have any questions about system compatibility.

The Instructors

Noah Chamow

Noah Chamow worked as an assistant editor and lead assist in reality television for 5 years working on projects including NBC's The Voice and CNBC's Restaurant Startup. During this time Noah created The Super Grouper, a multigrouping macro for Avid that is widely used in reality post production. Since that time Noah worked as a broadcast engineer at Geiger Post in Hollywood and is now the IO Supervisor at Level 3 Post in Burbank where he has helped to streamline and overhaul the company's IO department. Noah is very passionate about education and through the Assistant Editors' Bootcamp he hopes to help other assistants to hone their skills and help those who are new to assisting to get the experience they need to  get started.

Conor Burke

Over the last 5 years Conor Burke has worked as an assistant editor and lead assistant editor for projects including: Netflix's The Keepers, HBO's State Of Play, Showtime's American Jihad and History's The Selection. As a lead assistant editor at Film 45, Conor created workflows and oversaw post production for up to 10 projects at a time. Conor has since moved on to become a first assistant for features, working on director Peter Berg’s films Mile 22 and currently Wonderland for Netflix. Through his years of experience, Conor thoroughly understands how difficult the job of an assistant editor can be and through teaching this class he hopes to make peers feel more confident and have a better understanding in their work.